How to record audio while the phone is off

 Have you ever felt the need to secretly record audio on your phone?

 Well, it may be necessary for us in some situations that you want to record a secret conversation without there being suspicions about that from the party with whom you had a conversation, meeting, or otherwise, and this can be done easily on Android through third-party applications. Here's a quick guide on how to record audio on an Android phone with the screen off.

record audio

The built-in Android voice recorder usually supports background audio recording. This means you can turn on the recording and lock the screen, and it will still capture audio.

Record audio while the phone is off via GOM Recorder

GOM Recorder comes with motion gestures - just set it and shake your phone to start recording. 
Besides, it allows you to schedule audio recordings, which makes it an easy audio spy tool for Android.
 It also supports a quick recording widget on the home screen.

Among other features, the app gets Speach to Text to convert audio to text, which can come in handy for people who want transcripts of recordings.
 And then there's a unique microphone boost option that helps record distant sounds.

Overall, GOM Recorder is an ideal application for recording lectures and meetings. 
However, you can also use it to secretly record conversations on your Android phone. To download the application:  GOM Recorder

 Unobtrusively recording conversations via Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder is primarily designed for continuous recording, thanks to its Silence on the Go feature. Just start recording and leave it all day - only sounds will be recorded while silent parts will be deleted.

It not only saves storage space but also ensures that you don't have to listen to the entire file to find the actual content. You can use it to capture sleep conversations at night or perhaps to check if you snore. Just like GOM, it gets a quick trigger shortcut to start recording in one click.

One can also use Smart Recorder as a normal voice recording app as it offers many useful features including sensitivity control. To download the application:  Smart Recorder

This was all about how to secretly record audio on an Android phone with its screen off. Since the above apps run in the background, you are advised to disable battery optimizations for them in Settings. Otherwise, it may kill the app, stopping recording in the middle of it.

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