how to fix the svchost.exe virus

One of the problems that we face on the computer or laptop is the problem of large consumption of the processor
 so we will learn about the final solution to the problem of 100% CPU consumption, because because of this problem we will not even be able to use the browser normally, as we notice the great slowdown and the high temperature of the computer very much.
how to fix the svchost.exe virus

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The ultimate solution to the problem of CPU consumption by 100%1 - spoolsv.exe file causes the problem!

First: You go to the windows browser on a computer and follow the following path:

Then delete all the files in the 'PRINTERS' folder

Second: Click on the Windows Start button, then in the search menu, type the following code:
services. msc

Then select 'Print Spooler' and right-click on it and choose to restart, or disable it.

2 - The problem of processor consumption due to the svchost.exe virusThe problem can be solved in two ways

First: Download the Microsoft Fix tool , after downloading it, run the tool as an administrator, then wait for the repair process to complete, and follow the steps only normally with the program.
Second: Download the Process Explorer tool, and after downloading and opening it, it will give you the things that drain the power of the device, then press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC and choose processes, you will renew many processes with small arrows in front of them, and pressing on it will open the internal processes, and if you find anything that consumes Excessive power of the device, right-click with the mouse, then Properties, and select Disabled from the Startup type box, and after completing and saving the steps, restart the device.
3 - The problem of damage to the hard disk of the computerI was personally one of the people who faced this problem, so that I had a hard disk of 1 terabyte on the laptop of the type HDD, after a while I noticed the use of the processor by 100%, this is what made me search the first, second and fourth steps, but without any result ! So I did a scan of the hard disk with the HD Tune program, of course all you have to do is download the program and run it and then scan, and the scan may take from an hour to 3 hours, and all the dots must be green, and if you find red dots, this means that there are Computer problem.

Of course, you may find programs and explanations that claim to be useful in repairing the hard disk, but believe me, in this case you should hurry to change the hard disk, and save all your information on an external hard disk or a large flash, then buy a new hard disk for the computer, and I advise you with a good quality. Samsung SSD that can be purchased directly here ' Buy Samsung SSD- Amni8 ', and all you have to do is change it easily, and you can check out YouTube, which is full of videos of changing the hard disk of your account.

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