How to Merge and Split Pdf Files?

How to merge PDF files?

A person who uses a group of pdf files can do the work of merging these files and joining them into one file

 This is done by doing the following steps:

 Open Acrobat DC, to use it to modify the pdf file.

Open the Tools menu, then select Combine Files.

Click the Combine Files button, then the user clicks Add Files, in order to select the files to be combined, and merge them into one file.

 Clicking the drag, and drop button, to do a rearrangement of the files, and the merged pages in the new file.

 Double-clicking on a file to reorder and expand individual pages.

Clicking the Delete key in case the user wants to delete any part of the merged file.

Clicking the Combine Files button after completing the required modifications

 Then click on the Save button to complete the merge between the files.

How to split a pdf file?

The user can split a single pdf file into several files of the same format,

 This is for any purpose he wants, whether to reduce the size of the original file, or to facilitate access to the information in it

 To do this, the following steps must be taken:

Double-click on the PDF file you want to separate.

Click on the option referred to as Pages, which is visible on the right side of the pdf page.

Press and hold the Ctrl key, then delete any unwanted pages from it, so that we have a new pdf file, by pressing the Delete key.

Click on the File button, then choose Save a Copy to save the new file anywhere on your computer.

Open the original pdf file, then repeat the steps to delete unwanted pages, to create a new file from the original file and follow the same previous steps

 How to put a password on a pdf file?

You can protect the pdf file and put a password on it by using the Acrobat program and by doing the following steps:

 Click on the Tools menu.

Select the Protection option, and then select Encrypt.

Select the checkbox that appears next to Encrypt with Password, and then select the checkbox next to the Require a Password to Open the Document option.

Enter the password for the pdf file.

Now we have finished explaining how to merge PDF files, how to split PDF files, and how to set a password for these files

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