What is the best processor for a computer?

best computer processor

The best gaming PC processor

The AMD Ryzen 9 5900X processor is the best processor you can get for high-end gaming PCs.
This processor, which was developed by (AMD) company, can run games of any accuracy, and the processor contains 12 cores and 24 computer threads.
This processor operates at a base speed of 3.7 GHz with a maximum speed of 4.8 GHz
This ultra-powerful processor also includes a level 3 RAM of 64MB.
best processor

Best Processor for Productive Business

The AMD Threadripper 3990X processor is considered one of the best processors that can be used in 2021 to accomplish the user's productive work.
Such as creating visual effects, in addition to many specialized production works
This processor is a great choice for professionals whose work requires high-powered hardware.
The AMD Threadripper 3990X processor has 64 cores, which is a very large number that can only be available in servers
It also includes 128 computer threads, and this processor operates at a base speed of 2.9 GHz, while its maximum speed can reach 4.3 GHz.
The processor includes a third level random access memory of 256 MB.

Best Processor for video maker

The Intel Core I7-7820X processor is one of the best processors that can be used in devices that design and edit various videos.

The capabilities of this processor allow editing videos in high quality up to 4K, and this processor works with a base speed of 3.6 GHz and a maximum speed of 4.3 GHz
And the processor speed when editing high-resolution videos can reach 4.5 GB.

Best processor for the price

The Intel Pentium G4560 processor is one of the best processors for people who want to own a computer with a generally good processor without paying a lot of money for it.
Although this processor is cheap, it is about 50% slower than Core i3 processors.
However, it can provide powerful performance for all the necessary tasks that are performed on the computer.
The processor contains 2 cores, in addition to 4 computer threads, while its speed is 3.5 GHz.

It includes 3 megabytes of random access memory.

The best mid-priced processor and efficiency

AMD Ryzen 5 3600X processor is one of the best mid-range processors that combines good efficiency and price
This processor works with 6 cores, while the number of computer threads available in it is 12, and it works at a basic speed of 3.8 GHz.
While its maximum speed can reach 4.4 GHz

The processor has a third-level random access memory of 32 MB

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