What are the components of a computer?

It is important to familiarize yourself with the basic components of a computer and the function of each component, so that you know the specifications you need when buying a new device.

The computer consists of basic units and hardware parts necessary for its operation, and additional or complementary parts according to the user's desire.

And the basic components include the motherboard, processor, memory, graphics card, sound card, storage disks, in addition to the display, keyboard, mouse, and speaker.

And supplementary add-ons such as a printer, scanner, camera, microphone, and others.

1. mother board:

What are the components of a computer?
It is the main board in the computer, and it is where all the computer units are connected.
In this board there are electrical connections and capacitors, a permanent storage memory called ROM, and dedicated slots for installing the processor, cards, memory and disks.

2. Processor:

It is like the brain for the human being, it is the one who manages the information, receives it, processes it and then produces the results

In its new form, the processor is installed in a special slot inside the motherboard.

The higher the processor speed, the higher the speed of the device as a whole and the greater its ability to run modern programs. Some programs require a minimum processor speed that can run the program.

3. Random memory (RAM):


It is similar to a small ruler, and it can be installed in special slots in the motherboard, and the task of memory (Ram) is to temporarily and randomly store information while the computer is running.

The higher the memory speed (Ram), the greater the ability to run many programs at the same time, as well as the greater the device's ability to run large programs that require a large amount of memory (Ram).

4. Disks:

They are units for storing and preserving information, and they have several types, most notably:

Hard disk:

It is the main storage unit, and it has large storage capacities, measured in gigabytes and terabytes.

CD :

It is a disc that is played by a tray or a driver, and it is an external disc 3 types:

1- The normal CD is measured in megabytes (740 megabytes).
2-DVD and measured in gigabytes (4.8 or 8 gigabytes)
3- Blue ray, up to 50 GB in size.


It is an external storage device that is connected to the computer through a USB slot.

5. The sound card and the screen card:

The sound card and the VGA graphics card are cards that are installed in special slots inside the motherboard, or are built into the motherboard.

Its function is to make a computer capable of playing audio, video, video and games.

The higher the speed of the card, the greater its ability to play audio, video, or games in high quality.

6. The monitor and the speaker and the speaker:

They are the units concerned with displaying the image and broadcasting the sound, and they are connected by wires.
Monitors and speakers have various types in size, quality and resolution, and the speakers may be built into the screen.

computer formats:
The most prominent forms of computer
The common one is the PC, and it has two types:

Disk Top:

It consists of a separate monitor, driver unit, keyboard, mouse and speakers.

 Lap Top

Its size is smaller and easy to move from one place to another.

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