ICARUS game review and download for pc

ICARUS is a survival game for up to eight players. A strange and monstrous wildlife lives on Icarus, the largest among humans.

ICARUS game review:

This is Icarus. It's obviously flawed, very frustrating and often weird, but at the same time it's also somehow good enough to keep me playing from early morning until several nights without even realizing the time.

It's like Schrödinger's cat, unless the cat is a bear made of meters of thirst. She continued to spend another 20 hours (mostly) happily at her fingertips.

ICARUS game review:

The other distinguishing part of Icarus is the storms. Rain clouds hit the forest, while wind makes trees fall to the ground, or over your head causing death or at least temporary brain damage.

Desert sandstorms also almost cloud your vision, leaving you wandering hopelessly during the drought/thaw from the synchronized heat wave. A frightening arctic snowstorm.

My job was to retrieve three parts of an anti-storm device from the North Pole, then protect it from the elements while it beeps a little.

After several arduous journeys due to several polar bear related deaths, I got the device.

I was in the process of dragging it back toward the relative safety of the forest when the storm hit, leaving me an inch from freezing to death and giving me no choice but to build a pathetic thatched shelter there.


More bears

And there were also more bears. I desperately needed to find and retrieve my suitcase stuffed with meat, tools, and building supplies, which was tricky as my body appears as a small pile among the indistinguishable brown sandbags.

As the minutes passed, my mind came back to the time I had spent half an hour searching for my wireless headphones in the horizontal rain on Brighton Beach.

I'm shivering and still half-drenched since the headlong morning swim.

The experience was so harrowing that it went beyond mere annoyance and turned, on some level, into a truly enjoyable farce.

Requirements to run Icarus:

64-bit processor software driver
Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit versions)
Processor: Intel i5 8400
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Triple: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
DirectX: Version 11
Download Desk: 70 GB of available space

How to download and install Icarus:

Click the Load Page button and you will be redirected to the steamunlocked website.
Scroll down and click download or download a Torrent file
You will be redirected to UploadHaven.
Wait 5 seconds for the blue "Download Now" button. Now let the download start and wait for it to finish.
Right click on the .zip file on "Extract to ICARUS"
Double click inside the ICARUS folder and allow the .exe application.

Enjoy and play! Make sure the file is running and the files you played in the folder are running.

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