How to solve Edge error that keeps logging you out of websites

 We use many websites every day, and logging in to all of them every time is difficult. If you are facing a similar issue with Edge browser logging you out of websites, don't worry. We will list the possible solutions to stop him from doing this

1. Stop removing cookies and passwords at checkout

Edge offers a setting to automatically erase cookies and passwords after you sign out. If you have configured Edge to automatically remove cookies and website data, you will need to sign in to the websites again.

Therefore, you need to reconfigure Edge to prevent it from automatically deleting this data.

To prevent Edge from clearing cookies and passwords, do the following:

Launch Edge browser on Windows PC.

Now, look for the More button located in the top-right corner. Click on it to reveal the context menu.

edge browser

Find the “Settings” option in the context menu and click on it. Go to the menu on the left side and click on the option Privacy, search and services.
Scroll down in the Privacy, Search and Services section and find the Clear browsing data section. Then, click Choose what you want to remove each time you close your browser.

You can select to disallow the auto-delete option when closing the Edge browser. Toggles will be disabled next to all options selected.
Disable all switches by clicking on them. Be sure to disable cookies and other website data and password options. These two options store session data and login credentials.

How to solve Edge error

Restart the Edge browser, and check if it saves your session data and passwords.

2. Allow websites to save cookies in Edge

Cookies are necessary to provide you with a smooth browsing experience. Web browsers store these cookies, which also contain login information. If Edge does not have permission to save cookies, you will need to re-login to the website each time. Therefore, enabling the browser to save cookies can fix logout problems.

To enable Edge to save cookies, do the following:

Open the Edge browser and go to the upper-right corner. Next, click the More (…) button to reveal the context menu.
Find the “Settings” option and click on it. Go to the menu on the left side and find the option Cookies and Website Permissions.

Edge error

Click on it and select the Manage and delete cookies and website data option.
Now, go to Allow websites to save and read cookie data option and check if the toggle is active or not. If it is inactive, click on it to enable saving and reading of cookies.
Edge error that keeps logging you out of websites

Then scroll down to the Blocking section. Check if you have blocked any website from saving cookies in your browser.
Click the More (…) button next to the website name. Then select Remove to delete the website from the block list.
Now, restart Edge and check if it saves your session data and passwords.

3. Check sync settings

Edge is a cross-platform browser. If you have trouble logging out when trying to use a website on another device, sync settings are not active. Edge cannot save your browsing data to the cloud when sync is inactive.

4. Disable plugins
Extensions can sometimes interfere with browser processing. For example, if you use privacy and security add-ons, they may clean your browsing data upon exit. Thus, the security add-on you are using could be the reason behind the auto-logout issue.

5. Clear saved cookies and cache
Corrupted cache and cookies can also force Edge to ask you to sign in to each website again. You need to clear your cache and cookies. Edge will save your new cookies and cache when you sign in to a website again.

6. Repair Edge

There may be a problem with the current version of Edge installed on your system. Edge repair can recover lost/corrupted files without deleting browsing data.

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