How to recover deleted files from USB

Sometimes you may accidentally delete one of your important files from USB. Some people are wondering how to recover deleted files from USB. Find the answer to this question in our article today.

How to recover deleted files from USB

There are some programs with which you can recover and restore deleted files.

Stop using the drive

You should stop using the USB device as soon as you suspect that it is losing data, as failure to follow this advice will result in corruption of the data in it, or the possibility of overwriting the lost files before recovering them. Where once files are overwritten, they are gone forever.

Adding and removing more data can corrupt the data of the files you are trying to recover.

Disconnect the USB flash drive

You should disconnect the device from your computer, to ensure that no additional files are inadvertently written to the device, until you are ready to recover your data.

You can also put it in read-only mode using Disk Drill to eliminate the chance of data overwriting. This will ensure that the deleted files are still there when you use some software to recover them.

Find a file recovery software

There are many paid programs that help you recover files, and there are many free programs available. Find the right program for you.

Some of the free file recovery software include:

Puran File Recovery.

Glary Undelete.



Download the mobile or standalone version

Do not download to the drive you want to recover from, but download the portable version of the software to another computer, and then copy it to a USB drive.

This will ensure that no data is written to the drive you need to recover files from.

Portable software does not need to be installed, and you can run it from a USB drive.

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