How to disable the webcam on a computer or laptop

If you're among the thousands of people who have concerns about a webcam and its potential for hacking, you've probably got it covered, as many do, especially if you use it little or no time.

But there's a more elegant way to block your camera, rather than just covering it with a piece of tape, so that it doesn't leave a sticky residue that could collect dust if you decide later that you want to use the camera.

This issue does not pose a problem in desktop computers because you can simply remove the camera from the USB port it is connected to

With mobile devices, here is the best way to disable the webcam:

How to disable the webcam

How to disable the webcam

With the Device Manager in Windows, you can easily disable and enable your webcam.

Open Device Manager by pressing the Windows key and the R key together to open the Run dialog box, then type devmgmt.msc.

You can also use the search box or ask Cortana to open Device Manager.

In the list of devices, find the category “Cameras” Click to expand this category.

Right-click on the device, which will be called VGA WebCam, Compact Camera, USB Camera, or something similar.

Next, right-click on the name of the camera and choose Disable device.

Thats all about it!

Your webcam will now be out of action.

How to activate the webcam

To activate the camera again, repeat the previous steps and right-click on it again in Device Manager and select Enable.

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