What is the i cloud?

I Cloud

iCloud is one of the most important and most popular programs offered by Apple, which manufactures the iPhone.

Where this program provides many services to users of iPhone phones as well as to users of Apple computers.

Where this program can be applied to computers and mobile devices running Windows or Mac system.

It is worth noting that dealing with these programs is via the Internet.

Accordingly, this program is relied upon to transfer contacts from the iPhone to the computer.

This enables the user to recover these names and data at any time he needs it.

What is the icloud program?

 Services provided by I Cloud

Apple offers, through the I Cloud program, a set of services that iPhone users need.

For example, it offers I Cloud Drive.

I Cloud photo library is also doing.

It is worth noting that this service is specialized in saving, transferring, dealing with and uploading images to a computer.

Moreover, iCloud provides iTunes match.

In addition, it offers Apple music.

This service is responsible for the music, storage, and transmission to your computer.

Apple ID account:

When using an iPhone or a device provided by Apple, the user must create an Apple ID account.

And whoever owns this account, the company provides additional and free storage for him.

This account can be used to log into the Apple Store.

In order to get the various applications and install them on the device. It is worth noting that it offers a storage capacity of 5 GB.

This capacity enables the user to do many things. For example, it enables him to upload and keep images.

Moreover, it enables the user to save the data and contacts on the iPhone. This enables him to recover these data and names at any time.

How to use I Cloud to transfer contacts and data:

 In order for the user to transfer the contacts or contacts from the iPhone to the computer using iCloud, some steps must be followed.

At first, you enter the settings of the iPhone.

And the settings icon is in the form of a cog on the home page of the phone.

Then, some options will appear, and the word Apple ID will be selected from among them.

 This option is at the top of the window.

Accordingly, the user's account picture and name will be displayed.

 In the event that the user has not registered an Apple ID account before, the program will ask to enter the name and password that the user wants.

 Then, click on the word Login. Then, you must click on the word, which is located in the second section of the iPhone settings menu.

Then a set of options will appear, including the option Contacts.

Then click on the Contacts option until it turns green, so it has been activated.

This option for contacts is located under the apps you use.

Accordingly, a certain message will appear asking the user to merge the contacts in order to be uploaded to the iCloud.

In order to confirm the process and transfer the names must press the word merge.

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