Three new Apple Watch models coming in 2022

Trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo cited several other products in his latest report. 
A trusted Apple analyst expects three new Apple Watch models to appear next year, including the Apple Watch Series 8,
 the new Apple Watch SE and the previously rumored powerful Sport Edition.
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It will also release a significant upgrade to AirPods Pro in late 2022, featuring a "significantly upgraded" chip. 

A Bloomberg report previously stated that the new AirPods Pro will feature health sensors 
for the first time, and may feature a radical chassis redesign that eliminates stems entirely.

Unfortunately, Kuo doesn't go into detail about what to expect from the 2022 Apple Watch lineup. 
In the run-up to the Series 7 release, Kuo and other publications reported that the device will have a new "square" industrial design with flat sides.
 That didn't happen, and in fact the Apple Watch Series 7's design is a bit more rounded than the Series 6.

It's still not clear if the square design will reappear in the future for the Apple Watch Series 8.

 We also don't know yet what the 2022 Apple Watch SE update will bring.

Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to add a body temperature sensor, enabling additional health and fitness tracking.

The sports watch rumor is interesting. Last year, a Bloomberg report said the "Explorer" will feature a shock-resistant exterior and body similar to the Casio G-Shock watch.
 The device will be marketed to athletes, including runners and climbers.

As for the iPhone SE, Kuo is repeating previous rumors that the 2022 update will be a minor year in specs, 
while retaining 3GB of RAM and the same industrial design. However, Kuo expects the iPhone SE review in 2023 to be more substantial,
 including a larger screen and 4GB of RAM for the first time. iPhone SE is usually updated in the March/April time frame.

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