Samsung network problem solving

There are some suggested and quick solutions that we will provide to you in order to help you overcome this serious problem that you are facing

Samsung network problem solving

Among the most important of these solutions are:

Restart the mobile:

In many cases, the data on the phone has a temporary malfunction or general irritation, which makes the mobile unable to read this data properly.

In this case, the mobile may be unable to access the network, causing it not to read any of the network tags that it is supposed to automatically recognize.

So when we restart the mobile again, the phone will get rid of the temporary malfunction that prevents it from accessing the network and thus works again with a very high efficiency.

Turn Airplane Mode on and off:

Sometimes we notice that the phone does not pick up any network signal at all, and very surprisingly, even though you know very well that this is where the network is efficiently located.

You have to activate the flight mode on the phone, either from the phone's settings or from the shortcut menu, and then wait a few minutes and re-deactivate this mode.

You will notice that the phone has started collecting network signs again and you can use it to make any call or connect to the internet efficiently and without any problem at all.

Ensure the integrity of the data chip:

 We note that after more than one attempt to capture the network on the mobile phone, all of these attempts are unsuccessful, so here we have to review the chip that you are using, through the following:

As sometimes this chip is disabled and this requires us to review this chip with the customer service center.

Or the place designated for this slide has any malfunction, which requires us to change this place. Sometimes the chip has moved and you have to reset it again.

But before doing all these attempts, this chip must be tested on another phone to make sure that it works or does not work in the first place.

Ensure that the network is selected manually or automatically:

With the terrible progress in the means of technology and communication globally. There are now more than one type of network available for mobile, as there are first, second, third, fourth and fifth generation networks. There are some phones where the network is set automatically.

 In order to identify the network available to it and link to it, regardless of the type of this network. But there are some who prefer to connect the network on the phone manually.

By choosing a specific type of network available in order to connect to it.

In this case, the network you entered for the phone is not available. The phone cannot connect to any other network automatically until you give it permission to do so first.

Therefore, it is preferable that the network recognition be set automatically so that the phone does not encounter any problem in connecting to the network available to it.

Follow phone updates:

 The updates that manufacturers release mobile operating systems is very important to keep a close eye on.

As these updates are all aimed at improving the performance of the operating system. In order to be able to work very efficiently and avoid any general errors that he was exposed to before.

There are a large number of people who neglect to do these updates thinking that they are not important at all for the phone. So everyone should allow the phone to update automatically in order to avoid general errors that occur in their operating system.

Factory reset Sometimes we have inadvertently made a certain option that changed the general settings of the device.

Thus, we do not recognize the error that occurred unintentionally, despite the experiment more than once, but without any benefit from it.

How to solve the problem of no service on Samsung phones:

This problem is faced by a large number of Samsung phone users, but there is no need to worry, the solution is very easy, and it is by following the following steps:

We turn off the phone completely, then wait for a very few moments and turn the phone back on again.

 We go into the settings after unlocking the phone again, and we click on the word networks. Then mobile phone networks, the word “Network Mode” we are stopping on will appear in front of us, either automatic or manual.

 We click on Automatic and click on the word search that will appear in front of us. It will show us the available network, we click on it and activate it on the phone.

So we have to do a factory reset of the device so that it can recover all the main settings defined on it.

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