How to unlock the mobile when you forget the security code

Unlocking the mobile when the security code is forgotten is something mobile users should know. As it is a big problem that many may fall into, it is a locality that reminds them of the security code, whether with the inscription or the password.

We are trying to help you today in this matter and talk about how to unlock the mobile when you forget the security code.

How to unlock the mobile when you forget the security code

How to unlock the mobile when you forget the security code:

From today, you should not worry because we will provide you with the solution and answer this question, and provide you with assistance in many ways to avoid the problem of forgetting the security code, namely:

 Use your Google account password.

To use this method, Google account recovery must be used to unlock the phone from the lock screen. It is a feature provided by your Google account and the steps are:

Click on Forgot your password and then enter your Google data in the list shown in the list. And log in and then you will be able to log in to the phone and restore your data with ease.

Samsung phone method:

It is the login on the computer in your Samsung account. And then the options appear for you to control the lock screen, a feature provided by these phones, but many are too lazy to activate it.

We choose to unlock the screen, and then you can unlock the phone and make a new password.

Using Factory Reset:

It is one of the unpopular solutions for many, as it terminates all your data recorded on the phone. and return it as new.

 This can be done by connecting the data cable and then doing a factory reset.

 Make a backup copy of the phone’s files when the screen is locked. When some fail to restore the screen lock, there is an option for them, which is to perform a factory reset.

 In order to preserve the files and data on the phone and photos, the following is done:

Connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable. Find the phone and then open its folder on the computer. Your photos must be. Copy the folder you want to a specific location on your computer. Repeat the process with any other folder whose data you want to save.

And you can download all the external memory to the phone.

This solution provides you a complete copy of your phone data except for the phone's internal settings and features.

How to unlock the mobile when you forget the security code for oppo phones:

Unlocking the mobile when you forget the security code for oppo phones is one of the easy procedures, which are summarized as follows:

Enter the passcode several times until a message appears at the bottom of the screen, asking you for the security code again after 30 seconds.

There are options at the bottom of the screen which are emergency calls and I forgot the password.

 Click on Forgot your password.

A message will appear asking you for your email username and password.

When entered correctly, the device will automatically unlock without losing any of its contents.

And then you can set a new password for the phone, but provided for the previous steps that the phone is connected to the Internet.

How to unlock the phone when you forget the security code for Lenovo phones:

 Lots of Lenovo phone users may sometimes suffer from forgetting their card number, phone number or PIN code.

Enter the pattern more than once until a screen appears on the screen Trying after thirty seconds.

In the left corner of the interface, you will find Unlock and Forgot Password.

Click on forgot password.

 Enter your Google account password and the screen will be unlocked.

Google Find My Device can be downloaded to unlock the screen with an identification or personal pattern.

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