How to clean a desktop computer keyboard

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We all know that desktop computers and laptops are significant sources of contamination, and keyboard is one of the most contaminated gadgets in these electronic devices.

It is almost impossible to wash our hands before every time we work with the keyboard, and we will undoubtedly forget the dust and moisture, so the keyboard collects dirt on our hands every time we touch it and over time. So it is important to know how to properly clean the keyboard of your desktop computer and laptop computer.

Here are some simple tips on how to clean your keyboard the right way, keep reading.

Important points before cleaning the keyboard

Electrical tools are very sensitive, and you should pay attention to a few important points before cleaning them and providing the necessary tools:

1. Do not clean the keyboard and the device is on

Ideally, your keyboard and computer should be cleaned off and unplugged. You should clean your keyboard and mouse once or twice a month, but if something is accidentally spilled or stained on them, you should increase the frequency of cleaning.

2. Use soft tissues to clean the keyboard

Soft tissues should be used to clean the keyboard, for example when you find a large stain on one of the keys, be sure to have a special soft tissue available as well as for emergencies to prevent liquid from getting inside the keyboard.

3. No need for expensive keyboard cleaners

Some stores offer expensive keyboard cleaners, but you don't need to use them because you can clean your keyboard just as hard with a series of simple household appliance cleaners.

4. Use a soft microfiber brush

This brush should be easy to use, inexpensive, and cleans the hollows and between the buttons well, plus it doesn't damage the keys and the mouse.

5. Preparation of compressed air atomizer

Compressed air spray is great for removing dust, suspended particles and dust particles, and it helps you a lot, especially when cleaning your keyboard.

Notes on how to clean a computer keyboard

Note: Depending on how dirty your keyboard is, this may take about 10 to 15 minutes.

1. Disconnect the keyboard from the computer so that accidental button clicks do not cause a problem.

2. Use a soft, damp microfiber cloth to wipe the keys and keyboard surface, and do so gently. Simply dampen the fabric with a little water, no special chemicals required. Tip: Avoid immersing the cloth in a lot of water, just wet the corner of the cloth slightly and wipe the keys carefully.

3. Use a dry toothbrush to remove any dry, sticky substance on the keyboard that cannot be wiped with a cloth. Tip: Never use a compressed air spray while holding it upside down.

4. At the end of the work, remove dust and small particles from the keyboard using a compressed air spray.

5. If compressed air is not available, turn the keyboard upside down and shake it to remove dust and fine particles.

How to clean a laptop keyboard

Wet ear cleaning cotton can be used to clean the dirt stuck between the keyboard buttons

A laptop keyboard gets dirty as easily as a desktop computer keyboard and you can't easily replace it. Here are the steps to clean your laptop keyboard and touch screen:

Note: Depending on how dirty your keyboard is, this may take about 10 to 15 minutes.

1. Turn off the laptop, unplug it and let it cool down.

2. Use a slightly dampened microfiber cloth to wipe the keyboard. Tip: Avoid water entering the ports and open areas of the laptop.

3. Remove dust and fine particles with the help of compressed air mist in a tilted manner, and never use the mist vertically upside down.

Tip: Hold the laptop at a 75-degree angle and tilt it back slightly, spray compressed air onto the keyboard and move it left, right, up and down for best results.

How to clean the keyboard of the desktop computer keyboard

clean keyboard keyboard

From time to time, in addition to cleaning the keyboard buttons, you also need to disinfect them to remove all potential bacteria and contaminants.

1. Turn off the computer or desktop computer and unplug it from the mains.

2. Remove the dust and dirt stuck on the keyboard with a soft dry toothbrush

3. Gently clean the keyboard with a soft, disinfected cloth. Note: If the fabric is too wet, remove excess moisture from it before use.

4. Wipe the moisture on the keyboard with another microfiber cloth.

5. Dry the keyboard again with a soft, lint-free cloth, such as a glasses cleaning cloth.

6. The air blower can be used in a tilted way if it is available to remove dust and particles stuck between the keyboard buttons.

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