Added Safari browser to play YouTube videos with PiP feature

 It's no secret that using YouTube in the browser on your iPhone or iPad is a rather unpleasant experience.

 In many ways, the "native" YouTube app isn't much better. 

This is where the new Safari extension called "Vinegar" comes to help you.

Added Safari browser to play YouTube videos with PiP feature

Vinegar is an add-on for the Safari browser for iPhone, iPad,

 and Mac that was released earlier this month with the aim of replacing one YouTube player with another. 

This is similar to the days of YouTube5, which was a similar extension to Safari in the days when the YouTube player was written with Adobe Flash.

Developed by Zhenyi Tan, Vinegar replaces the YouTube player in Safari with a native HTML video tag, providing a set of related improvements:

Remove ads within the video.

Prevent YouTube from tracking your play/pause/search activities.

Restore the PiP "Picture-in-Picture" functionality.

Videos won't stop playing if you switch to another browser tab.

You can choose to only broadcast audio to keep music playing when Safari is in the background.

The app works just as you'd expect, and makes the experience of using YouTube in your browser noticeably more enjoyable.

 It works directly on the YouTube website and on videos embedded in third-party websites.

You can download the Vinegar app from the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It's a one-time general purchase of $1.99.

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