What is artificial intelligence and what are its applications in life?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is computer programs designed to simulate processing performed by human intelligence. 
Artificial intelligence is used today in many areas such as self-driving cars, satellites,
 robots and other devices, especially devices related to computer systems.
Artificial intelligence (AI)

These processes include learning, inference, and self-correction, which are used in many different devices and applications.

 In the following, we show you the most important applications of artificial intelligence in daily life in our time:

 The application of artificial intelligence in the computer and the Internet

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science used to improve the performance of computers and the interaction between machines and humans.
 for example:

AI is currently used to create self-modifying sets of code in programming languages. Ideally,
 a smart app can make specific updates or fix bugs over time through learning.

Robotics is another prime example of the application of artificial intelligence, where robots often have common applications that enable them to work and communicate.
 These smart devices need AI-based commands to make important decisions and judgments in changing their environments.

Talking to a computer is common today, and most computers are able to interact with humans, receive spoken commands,
 and respond to them. Artificial intelligence is needed to make this interaction appear 
more natural and complete than an automated interaction with a device.

Other applications of AI in computer science include data mining, cloud computing, image recognition, and more.

Many websites and companies on the Internet today also use artificial intelligence in their services, such as Google, Facebook,
 Twitter, YouTube in the smart suggestion system, and others.

 Application of artificial intelligence in marketing

Marketers can use AI to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, and AI helps them learn what customers think and feel about the products offered.

Artificial intelligence for effective and smart digital advertising uses the abundance of data hidden in search keywords, 
social profiles and other online data and allows the marketer to send an effective advertising message to the right person at the right time.

Artificial intelligence has had a tremendous impact on online commerce and marketing, for example in the early 2000s, 
searching for a product or product in an online store without knowing the name of the product was very difficult and time consuming while today
 it is easy and in a few seconds we can To see the desired product and all similar results.

It is as if the search engine is reading our thoughts, which in a few seconds presents us with a list of all relevant items.

 Application of artificial intelligence in banks

Artificial intelligence has grown faster than you think in banking, and many banks around the world are using AI-based systems to support customers, detect faults, and prevent credit card fraud.

Artificial intelligence has been used to improve the security of banking transactions in various units, and by tracking card usage and access to their endpoints, they can identify fraudsters.

 Application of artificial intelligence in agriculture

According to some sources, the world needs 50% more food by 2050, and this is only possible if humans can use the available resources more carefully.

Artificial intelligence in this field has helped farmers to produce more crops with optimal use of farmland resources.

Today, AI is used to discover more efficient ways to deal with pests and weeds, predict the exact time of harvest and analyze, 
monitor crops and soil and use agricultural robots.

Other uses of AI include greenhouse automation, meteorological data, temperature, precipitation, wind speed, solar radiation,
 pest identification, and simplification of production, harvesting and sales.

For example, a robot was recently designed that uses the ability to track insects to spot appropriate insecticides and precisely sprays them on cotton plants.
 Thorough spraying prevents pests from becoming resistant to the herbicide.

Or in another AI system, potential soil defects and nutrient deficiencies can be identified using images.

 Application of artificial intelligence in medicine

Artificial intelligence has also made many advances in the field of medicine, and today many organizations and medical care centers rely on AI to save human lives.

Examples of using artificial intelligence in medicine include creating a system that reduces the risk of stroke by warning of it before it occurs,
 or another digital device designed to diagnose heart disease with high accuracy, and in devices that alert epileptic seizures before they occur.

AI is currently used in surgeries, virtual assistants, analytics, disease risk prediction, telemedicine, patient mobility issues, 
and thousands of other applications, and scientists are working to use more knowledge to prepare the lab doctors need to test, present, and index.
 Medical information, improving diagnosis, making decisions and other important medical matters.

 The application of artificial intelligence in finance and economics

In financial investments, the ability to predict and determine the future patterns of the market is very important, and in general,
 progress in business is closely related to the accurate prediction of the future.

Because artificial intelligence systems are able to collect large amounts of data in a short period of time and predict future patterns
 by examining patterns in past data, today's financial institutions are improving transactions and increasing profits, and they have turned to artificial intelligence.

The application of artificial intelligence in the atmosphere and space

Space travel and exploration is not possible without AI, which always requires the analysis of large amounts of data, and AI and machine learning are the best way to process data on this scale.

Data from space telescopes is reviewed by artificial intelligence systems and used to discover new planets and stars.

Additionally, in robotics-based space exploration, artificial intelligence plays a major role.

 Applying artificial intelligence to music

It may seem strange, but intelligent instruments can be used to create music and art, and today's artificial intelligence can create new music songs
 by learning and discovering patterns of harmony, rhythm, and elegance.

For example, an AI-based system has recently succeeded in creating classical music inspired by classical myths, emulating the instrumentals of Bach and Mozart.

The application of artificial intelligence in education

Artificial intelligence with grading system helps save teachers time. 
Also, according to the learning model, the IQs and abilities of the students help them get the resources they need and choose their professors.

In addition, AI is used to answer students' questions online and to teach certain courses.

 Application of artificial intelligence in architecture

AI in modern architecture prevents duplication of work by architects and designers by accessing large amounts of data in a split second.

Architects, especially in the initiation stage of a project, can use the ability of AI to use this data to make the right decisions.

Since in the traditional case, for an architect, initiating a project requires a lot of time to research and understand the purpose of the design, 
as well as review previous projects, with AI able to quickly access unlimited information, its examination can be easily and simultaneously to access to the best ideas.

Architects use artificial intelligence in CAD tools for parameter design, a system that allows one to create different outputs and create structures
 by creating specific parameters. In these tools, the architect can virtualize the building, change its appearance and improve it.

Building structures and smart homes depends on artificial intelligence and its great ability to create comfortable and safe designs, and thus artificial intelligence
 has had a significant impact on improving the safety and comfort of people.

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