How to Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing on iPhone 7 -

After the launch of the updated version of iOS, some issues have been found in iPhone 7 devices in running Instagram.

Like some other apps, Instagram is likely to crash at any moment. Sometimes it can be a problem with your login, particularly if you haven’t downloaded the newest version of the app, or updated the current one.

 Sometimes an app will crash because your device has run out of memory, or is too hot. Your app might also crash because Instagram itself is having a problem.

Follow these simple steps to troubleshoot the problem.

Refreshing Instagram and other crashing applications

  1. First of all, tap the “Home” icon two times to launch it. Then a list of apps used in the recent past will open on your screen.
  2. Open the Instagram app and swipe it up to clean it up.
  3. Now repeat these similar steps with other apps running in the background, including other suspecting apps. By doing this, you will make your device to run faster, and it also enables the Instagram app to perform better than before.
  4. Now tap the Instagram app to open and review whether the app is running smoothly or not.

Troubleshoot the issue using Soft-reset

To apply this, follow these points below:

  1. Click and keep the “Power button” held for a while until you see a command named “Slide to Power Off.”
  2. Then move the slider towards power off button to shut it down.
  3. Tap the power tab once more after a gap of about thirty minutes until you see the Apple logo on your screen.

After restarting of your phone, tap on Instagram to open and review whether your app is performing smoothly or not.

Troubleshooting the crashing issue by updating the app

Follow these steps to install updates on Instagram.

  1. Hit on the “Apps Store” icon located on your Home window.
  2. Press the “Updates” symbol present at the lower-right portion of the app store window. Here you will see a complete list of the apps pending for updates.
  3. Search for Instagram under the list and then hit the update tab following to it. After tapping the button, your app will begin to install.
  4. You may update all the other apps left pending for updates by hitting on the “Update All” option located at the top-right edge of the screen.
  5. Now you have to reboot your device to implement the recent changes to the apps you have installed. These changes will also prevent your app from acting abnormally.

Troubleshoot the crashing issue by deleting and reinstalling the application

If your Instagram app faces lots of complex problems to run smoothly, it is advised to all users to remove the application from your device. Then install again from the App Store. It also removes the corrupted cached data from your device.

To continue with this process, follow these steps:

  1. Hold any of the apps located on your Home screen.
  2. Tap the “X” symbol at the edge of your Instagram app when you see that the apps begin to wiggle.
  3. When the prompt appears, hit on the Delete option as a way of confirmation.
  4. When you uninstall your Instagram, reboot your iPhone 7.
  5. Then tap the app store application to open and search for the updated version of Instagram in the magnifying search bar.
  6. A list will open with various editions of the Instagram app. Touch on the updated one.
  7. Now hit the “Get” or “Install” button to download it afresh.
  8. In case the prompt appears confirming the app download and asks for your ID and passcode, enter it to proceed.

Troubleshooting the crashing issue by resetting the network settings 

  1. Hit the “Settings” icon located on the home window.
  2. Now press on the “General” option.
  3. Hit on the “Reset” option by scrolling down.
  4. A list of options will display on your screen. Hit on the “Reset network settings.”
  5. In case the prompt comes, provide the password to proceed.
  6. Now hit on the confirmation option on the window.

After restarting of your device, launch the Instagram app and open your Wi-Fi to connect to the internet and analyze how the app works. 

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