How to browse the site without accepting cookies

 Most of the new sites when you first visit them, you will find that they display a large pop-up message asking you to accept cookies,

 first before reading the content of the page, and this message covers most of the screen space, and sometimes even deliberately obscures the entire content!

accept cookies

And all this in order to push the visitor to accept cookies against his will, and the biggest problem that causes great inconvenience to visitors is that this message does not have a close button or a non-accept button,

 but only one and only option is available, which is to accept cookies only to be able to read the content Displayed page!

How to bypass the message and read the content without accepting cookies

Skip the cookie message

In this topic, we present an easy way to bypass this annoying message and read the content of the page without clicking on the accept cookies button. 

There are actually several ways to bypass this message without accepting cookies, and some of them are:

first method

- from computer:

When the site shows you that annoying message, right-click on the page and click on the print page option, and the full page content will appear in the page preview box before printing.

From a smart phone:

After opening the desired page and the appearance of the cookie message on the screen, open the side menu of the browser by clicking the three vertical dots at the top of the mobile screen like this - ⁝- Done click on the (Share) option, then click on (Print), then immediately a full copy of the page will be downloaded In pdf format, he found it directly in the downloads folder inside the mobile.

The second method

This method works on the computer only, disable the JavaScript from the browser,

 and you will be able to open the relevant page without the appearance of the cookie message,

 especially if the page includes media content such as video, audio and infographics.

This message can also be removed from the browser's code editor by adding an option (display: none) to the message's CSS elements, but sometimes you won't be able to scroll down to see the rest of the page.

Third method

The third method, which is the last option because it is relatively expensive, is that you accept cookies temporarily while you read the content of the page.

 You undo that by clearing cookies from the browser from the settings, but this method results in clearing cookies for all other sites from the browser.

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