How can I fix a hard drive that is full of viruses

 If you are running one of the last 2-3 major versions of Windows. And that you correctly identified viruses as the cause of your problem

How can I fix a hard drive that is full of viruses
You will need to follow these steps:
 download and install a program called MalwareBytes. You may need to use another computer to download the software, and then transfer it to the machine you will be working on using a USB flash drive / thumb drive (or equivalent).
Once installed, launch MalwareBytes and allow it to scan your computer. I recommend letting it remove pretty much anything it finds and letting you know. If anything is found
Run the scan again after you have allowed it to remove the infections. Repeat until the scan is clean.
After that, restart the device (in normal Windows mode, instead of safe mode) and see if everything is better.

Reset computer back to factory defaults.

Re-install antivirus software and update.

Re-apply all updates. Windows and all other application

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