Fix network adapter after installing update KB4515384 on Windows 10

The Network adapter failure issues are found mainly after the Windows 10 update of KB4515384. Most of the users report issues found in the search and start menu with certain gaming and audio issues.

In case your device is affected by the issue, then you may use these methods and steps to fix this issue of the wireless network adapter.

Fix: Network Adapter After Installing Update KB4515384 on Windows 10 - McAfee Activate

1. Network Adapter Error

This wireless network error is mainly found in the Intel and LAN cards. In this case, your Lan or Intel chip may corrupt and can stop functioning.

The Device manager reflects a device error and shuts at once while trying to perform any operation on your system. Removing the update KB4515384 may solve your issue. If your system hangs on failure updates, then you may send feedback to Microsoft for support regarding the issue. To do so, tap Window + F Keys and expand the feedback form.

2. Fixing Wi-Fi Adapter Through Device Manager

Follow these steps if you wish to troubleshoot the Wireless Network adapter issue:

First of all, launch Settings.

  1. After that, locate the “Device Manager” option and hit the uppermost available result.
  2. Now, open the tab dedicated to “Network Adapters.”
  3. Then, you have to the right-click on the option for Intel wireless adapter that is raising the issue.
  4. Next, hit the “Disable device” option here.
  5. After that, tap on the option “Yes.”
  6. Now, right-click from your mouse on the wireless adapter once more and choose the option “Enable Device.”
  7. Next, you have to reboot your system.
  8. Once you have rebooted your PC successfully, then try to connect your wireless adapter to your system.

3. Fixing Wi-Fi Adapter through Windows Update

If you intend to troubleshoot this issue, then you can delete the particular update as an alternative way.

Follow these steps to fix Wireless adapter via Windows Update:

  1. Firstly, you have to launch the “Settings.”
  2. After that, hit the option “Update and Security.”
  3. Then, tap on “Windows Update” now.
  4. Next, click on the option “View Update History.”
  5. After that, tap on “Uninstall Updates.”
  6. Now, you have to choose the option from the list “Update for MS Windows (KB4515384).”
  7. Then, tap on the option “Uninstall.”
  8. After that, you have to hit the “Yes” tab here.
  9. At last, you have to click on the tab “Restart Now.”

Note: Check the device to see if it is properly working with wireless networks or not.

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