Explanation of the Pubg game and the most important secrets of how to play

PUBG, an acronym for Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, is a game about survival of the fittest, when in fact this could mean that the most aggressive player wins

Explanation of the PUBG game and the most important secrets of how to play

However, it is not quite an average case. Knowing when to engage and when to place it is the key to success. In this explanation, we will help you succeed. It is with us to know everything we need in this wonderful game.

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Playing strategies inside PUBG

How to play in pubg

How to take advantage of the game with the explanation

Methods of playing within the game PUBG

How to kill enemies easily

How to deal with weapons and understand weapons

Tips for PUBG beginners to master the battlefields

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Playing strategies inside PUBG

games pubg player unknowns battle grounds game

games pubg player unknowns battle grounds game

PUBG is equivalent to an active playstyle. As much as being too aggressive can kill you, being too passive will mean that your opponents will gain more tactical advantage with their gadgets

Taking advantage of in-game audio can make a big difference. Knowing where shots are being fired, where cars are being driven and listening to that careless player all around in his punk shoes all makes for a great way to either stick to your terms, or make sure you don't participate at all.

Know your strengths and weaknesses. While most players like to excel in every aspect of the game, each player has their own strengths and weaknesses. Be aware of what you are capable of and make sure of the positions you get to favor your strengths and avoid your weaknesses.

How to play in pubg

At the beginning of each gym, players jump from a paragliding plane on an island and don't have anything with them at all, and the first thing they go down is they can search for buildings, locations, vehicles and weapons with which they will fight, and protect the equipment, which will be randomly distributed within the game at every point on the map at the beginning of the gym .

The style of the game is that you shoot weapons at the game that you have, and the number of the game reaches 100 players. Of course, the main goal in all the game is that it prefers to live, and players can choose to play with devices and not play within a team, or the computer that allows to participate with two, three or four players, and in all cases The last person or team that will live is the one who will win this gym.

How to take advantage of the game with the explanation

Take advantage of every distraction. Sometimes you get stuck behind cover with no way out or know where the enemy is, but you can't get close without being seen. In these cases, using grenades is not your only option. Use the red zone, the impending blue circle, close shooting, your teammates or even the loud sound of the plane to get out of a bad situation, or in good shape. Oftentimes, your opponent will not be able to track your movement.

Methods of playing within the game PUBG


play solo

As a solo player, you will always have some blind spots. While some situations will allow you to make sure that no one will believe you, once you are out in the open field you will often have to rely on knowing where the other players are likely to be. Always keep track of how far the blue circle is, where the new white circle is, and how likely someone is behind you.

Since there is no reliable team, one incomplete shot, even if someone is killed, can lead to your death. Players around your location will have a vague idea of ​​where you are, while you probably don't know where they are. It is rarely recommended to kill someone while they are fully exposed, even if your goal is an 'easy kill'.

Duo / Squad Play

When playing with a team within PUBG, it is important to make sure that all players have the same game plan. Some players enjoy playing the quick and final rounds quickly, while others have a more tactical approach and aim for the end of the game. If a team doesn't follow the same game plan, players often won't work as a team. Moreover, players need to work as a team. Players who "wander from the tour group" put themselves and their team at greater risk.

Why you should play with the team multiplayer in PUBG

When playing with a team, you can be sure that all corners are safe at all times. This, however, requires communication. Be sure to use voice chat (or other means of communication) to alert your teammates whenever something important is going on around you. Use the in-game compass (or notable location names) to tell your team where and what's happening.

A teammate's early death doesn't mean a round is missing and dying early can be a great opportunity to learn from your teammates. If you're not interested in watching the rest of the match when you're dead, maybe do something else until the match is over. Laughing will only keep your team from doing more.

How to kill enemies easily in pubg

BATTLEGROUNDS puts you in the fray, and because of this, it can be difficult to take down players. There are three basic techniques you can use though, totally dependent on your technique, which can make you an absolute powerhouse altogether.

scattered fire

First and foremost is the ranged fire technique. This uses weapons with scopes to capture distant enemies. Wait for your enemies to move away from you in a clear line to open fire

Because this will remove most of the areas for them to hide in, giving you a greater chance of dealing significant damage. Right click once to view the scope, press and hold the right mouse button to view the global zoom.


A big part of this strategy is the best point idea. Credit points are areas on the map that are higher than the rest or give you better and better aiming and shooting opportunities. Second floors of buildings, high hills, areas

close and loud

Close and sound is the principle involved in firing in quick and sudden bursts after being otherwise disabled. This could include the use of gas bombs or fizzy blasts and then turning around corners to throw a massive fire and other similar techniques. The big goal here is to disfigure your enemies, making them confused and ineffective.

Firearms related to these types of attacks. Put in the first loop, the first stage of the first stage.


Probably the best combat one even in combat - just wait. Yes, allowing players to each other, so far. This is a good technique, but consider now, which makes it look great.

play map

BIG PART OF BATTLEGROUNDS PLAYS THE MAP. It was the reason behind the success of the project that was built on its long success.

silently moving

On the battlefields, everyone wants to kill you - literally. The specified value is read. Here are some tips that I put in watching, watching, watching, watching, watching, watching, watching, watching, watching for this purpose:

Not everyone needs to participate. Shooting

Don't shoot him. Trace it, and follow it until it is in a vulnerable position or aligned with its circumference before opening fire.

Uses an assault rifle machine that draws attention to your area.

Move from cover to cover. The path is roughly lined in the form of trees, rocks, or buildings.

Moving across and in between is dangerous in the sense that you may not see problems coming, but seeing the enemy does see their ability to participate. Reducing attention and vision in this way will make it easier for you. 

be cerfull. When you hear shots, even from afar, act immediately. Do not line up to the line of sight of people in the distance, because you do not know how powerful they are. Can an incoming plane cover you?

 Winning the PUBG game Choke points and high traffic concern

There are a few areas of the image with high traffic, and they should largely be avoided. These areas can cause such people to seek resources as well

So wait to see if the threat is worth the reward or not. Of these areas most of the cities, buildings, bridges and military base. While the items you spawn more often, the events of this part of the OJ may increase.

This is good and bad. It seems the danger actually increases, it also seems that you have a place to set up ambushes and create chokes.

It should be noted that the growth opportunities in the oriented path. An example would be in a country where buildings create a natural street or main street

- If planned correctly, these natural throttle points can direct the Egyptians to a good place to read, read grenades or open fire, making it hugely popular quickly.

How to deal with weapons and understand weapons PUBG

Weapons on the battlefields fall between the three classes - a combination of the three classes - assault and support. Those that contain domains and extensions

2010 and BEP in Surroundings. Assault on nuclear weapons

less accurate. These are great for basics and ambushes. Weapons loud or loud, like that which I have heard, like that which I have heard, like that which I have heard, like that which I have heard of the masonry. This is a wide area and control of your movements.

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Tips for PUBG beginners to master the battlefields

Getting Started At The Beginning There are a variety of basics that you need to know - some of the basic ones in the beginning - before you can get started with a basic startup.

Mastering the Basics: Setup and Basic Controls

2. In the pre-match game, take off your shoes! Running barefoot is just as fast as running shoes, but you're noticeably calmer on most surfaces.

You can find the car in good condition of the car.

4. Use map markers at all times, and call out summaries (numbers as well as north/south/east/west) when on a team.

5. You can stay in the game's voice chat, but set your chat to party only - sometimes you'll hear enemy teams that you forgot to put their ownership on privacy.

6. Remember to toggle your run rate using the B key or leave it on the control panel.

7. There are not two, but three types of targeting. Hip fire, more accurately in hip-hop (right mouse click), and viewer downward orientation ('ADS', right mouse click). You will also be able to change the settings to go directly to ADS by right clicking instead of toggling it on/off.

Mastering the Basics: Strategies and Priorities

8. Big cities under the itinerary are dangerous places to start, but usually the best loot. For the best chance of success, you can find small groups of buildings right on the edge of the skydiving range, or use one of the other more detailed and more visible strategies to get the best loot, which you'll find in our Erangel map article.


9. The main things you want to find as soon as possible are assault rifles in most cases (AR), backpack, bulletproof vest, healing items, helmet – the higher level these are, the better.

10. All doors in the game start closed. If the door was open, someone was there. If you leave the door open, you are telling the world you visited there as well.

11. There is fall damage, which occurs from jumping around two floors, with more damage and higher fall.

12. If you're burning from a range and don't know where it's from, don't go a sweat - you're just making yourself a straight duck in the enemy's line of sight. Instead, zigzag and sweat until you get covered and break your line of sight. Getting a tall brow is a great thing, as is "cheese"! Strategy in a car (just drive fast).

13. Always clear buildings (unless you're in a hurry) before looting. It's very easy to make people feel safe by leaving loot on the ground, and then shooting them in the back.

14. When fighting multiple enemies, ignore any that you are down. They can't get up unless they are rescued, so prioritize the people who can attack you.

15- Vehicles are great at covering great distances at speed, but they attract a tremendous amount of attention with their sound. Use it wisely.

16- Vehicles will roll into hills and explode when they hit objects quickly. Park sideways on sloping terrain to keep them from rolling, and if you crash away from the vehicle ASAP.

17. Not all scopes work with all guns - you can't put an 8x scope on the M16 for example, which was made an exception for balance purposes. Similarly you cannot put 8x on SMGs.

18. See which helmets can take any amount of damage - Kar98, the most used or most used sniper, can kill you instantly with a header if you have a level 2 helmet or less, but a level 3 helmet can take a hit. Note what helmet opponents are before you start trading sniper fire, because there is no point if you are at a disadvantage.

19. After the start of the game, pistols are almost useless – just keep them if you either have an automatic pistol (P18C), which works like an SMG, or if you don't have good weapons or a lot of ammo for them – otherwise, pistol ammo is wasting space Precious stock.

20. High-level armor often is actually worse than undamaged low-level armor. Look at the number next to it in your inventory for a comparison.

21. Avoid bridges like the plague if you need to cross one to reach the safe zone - there are always bridge trolls (people waiting on them to kill you) when the bridge is the necessary route. Get there early, swim, or find a boat instead!

22. Always move, even when looting or camping, just a little - it stops capturing someone with an easy headshot, which happens surprisingly often. Just wiggle to the side or keep crouching and standing.

More computer-specific controls and hotkeys you'll need to memorize:

For controller layouts To learn about all the controls, visit our PUBG Xbox One Controls article.

23. Hold "Alt" or hold RB on your Xbox to look around without moving - great if you're camping, also while falling out of a plane.

24. You can dive under the water by holding the 'C' while swimming (B on Xbox), and rise to the surface by holding the 'Space' (A on Xbox).

25. Switch seats in a car with “Ctrl + 1/2/3/4/5/6”, with “Ctrl + 1” taking you to the driving seat. On the Xbox, A is tapped, or grabs the driver's seat.

26. On PC, you can autoplay by pressing ‘=’

27. Lean left with 'Q', or right with 'E', while aiming, or clicked into sticks while aiming at Xbox. Use it to search and shoot walls without exposing yourself as much. High-level players also lean in the middle of the fight to make themselves more difficult.

28. Hold the "shift" or left trigger to boost vehicles.

29. Use the handbrake in the car for more turns or turns with 'Space' or the Y button on the Xbox.

30. Control the motorcycle in the air by pressing “Space” + “Left Ctrl”. 

31. Switch first and third person by pressing “V” on PC or RB on Xbox.

32. Hold your breath while aiming for “Shift” or LB on Xbox (only on ADS.

33. Watch your point drop while aiming by holding the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to aim instead o clicking on it.

34. Change weapon beeps (when weapon/vision allows, for use over different time periods) with 'Page Up' and 'Page Down', or d-pad while targeting Xbox.

35. Drive straight to your channel with the 'G' as well as ride all kinds of weapons with the 'Mouse Wheel'. On the Xbox, this is by pressing the right trigger.

36. Heal items are set to “7”, “8”, “9” and “0” by default – you don’t need to open your Inventory screen to use them. On the Xbox, this is done by pressing the d-pad, and you can tap to change the active consumable.

37. You can throw grenades by throwing under the arm while holding “left mouse button” and then “right mouse button” to throw.

38. You can completely disable the HUD if signs appear on the screen on your way, by placing “Ctrl + U”.

39. With the arrival of version 1.0, you will not need to master the jump jump, as it should take the place of jumping. However, it's worth toggling the Vault command with something other than the usual Spacebar, because there are certain things you can only measure the old-fashioned way. Learn about the heights you can move and measure when you're in trouble.

40. Climb onto the balcony from the balcony using crouch jump, by opening the door first, jump to jump, then again from the top of the door to the roof. Great for sniping! Here is an example.

41. You can also make more difficult jumps between ceilings by jumping on bars or higher areas and running along them as well.

42. You can shoot the M16 like a quick-fire automatic weapon using the fire mode, controlling recoil and timing your clicks perfectly to do a fast DPS.

43. There are only two ways to heal yourself to 100 percent - the very rare Medkit, which instantly heals you to 100 percent after 10 seconds, and "boost" substances like energy drinks and painkillers, which will heal you over time.

44. Both bandages and first aid kits get 75% of your health, but first aid kits work instantly after seven seconds of application, while bandages require multiple applications and heal over time, taking about one minute. Use bandages early, when she's safe, and save first aid kits to help her through late-game fights.

45. Great tip from the excellent xTyler73 guide for athletes – a perfect way to use bandages that allows you to get more health from them than just spamming. Healing from bandages occurs over time, with your health bar going up from red to filling in white. In the third step of healthy ascent, start with the following bandage, for a more efficient use of time and resources.

46. ​​Speaking of which, when there is a healing item you use down to 0.5 seconds on the timer, you can start moving without canceling it, and you can now use healing items as a passenger in cars, but only when the car is stationary (so note when your buddy is in smack him into the trees and on the hills...)

47. Different items take up different amounts of space in your inventory – first aid kits are larger than bandages, for example. But this also applies to different types of grenades, with Frags smaller than the Smoke Grenades and the Stone for example.

48. You can take on more by equipping larger items, as the items equipped and the ammo loaded in your gun do not take up inventory space. If you want to free up space the size of a Frag for example, prepare smoke bombs or a Stun - but beware, if the inventory is full, you will no longer be able to swap it for Frag without using something or dropping it!

49. Contrary to popular belief, you can actually put a pin back in a frag bomb on the battlefields. To do this, open your inventory and pull the grenade from the grenade slot at the bottom right, to the storage column on the left.

50. Sneaking your way to the ultimate final players is absolutely a good strategy - but it won't help you master the subtleties of combat. If you want to learn the feeling of weapons and combat, spend a few matches scattered in crowded places, as it will pay off in the long run.

51. If you want to sneak your way to victory, hiding outside in a boat, ideally behind a cliff where no one is likely to go looking, is a great way to avoid being spotted. With some spare fuel, you can usually speed to several safe areas on the map.

52. Jumping while attacking melee makes shooting easier, and yes, headshot punches do more damage.

53. If someone starts attacking you with their bare hands, always attack them. If you can shake a head or two, you can win the battle even if there's a springboard to work with you!

54. In general when you are trying to win a game, unless you are looking for practice, just avoid the fight. The rule of thumb is to only engage if you are close to being able to win the battle, or if you are unable to escape. This includes sniping people - don't take the shot unless you can also get the kill, otherwise you've given yourself a shot.

55. Speaking of escaping, it's easier than you think. Slalom If you're on foot, think in terms of breaking your line of sight. Annoying people will only chase you under specific circumstances. This is especially true if you're in a car - there's no point in jumping into a fight if you've already landed to low health, just ground it!

56. Not having bad equipment isn't really the end of the world, so don't get greedy – what matters is how you adapt to what you have: if all you have

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