How to fix the problem of some buttons not working on the laptop keyboard

There are computer problems that seem strange at first glance to those who encounter them, some buttons on the keyboard malfunctioning, one of these problems. One day you write a message to your friend on Facebook, or write an article, or a book in Word, only to discover that there are certain letters (buttons) that do not respond to pressing; And not only letters, but buttons that perform multiple functions such as Alt, Ctrl, and Shift. In general, a broken key on the keyboard will be very annoying because every key on the keyboard is clicked at least once a day while using the computer. For this reason, we have prepared this article to review all the methods that lead to fixing the problem of some buttons not working in the laptop keyboard, as after you have finished reading the article, your problem should be resolved.

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First solution: Restart the laptop

A simple reboot can fix 50% of the problems users face while using the computer, including the problem of the whole keyboard crashing or just some of the buttons. Therefore, when you discover that there are letters that are not written or do not respond to pressure, open the Start menu and then press the Power icon and choose either Shutdown to shut down the laptop and restart it manually or Restart to restart the system automatically. After that, all the buttons should work normally. During the restart of the computer and the operating system, the processes running in the background that are responsible for managing the keyboard, or at least the program that is causing the problem, are updated. If you already did a reboot and it didn't fix the problem, here are some other solutions.


Second solution: Use the maintenance tool in Windows

Windows includes tools to maintain the most common problems that users encounter while using their devices. Since there are many issues related to the keyboard like it working at certain times, or not working at all, or some buttons not working...etc., a keyboard maintenance tool has been included as well. To run it in Windows 10, go to Settings Windows Settings through the Start menu, then go to the Update & Security section and from the side menu click on Troubleshoot. On the right side, scroll down to click on Keyboard and then on the Run the troubleshooter button to see a window showing the progress of the process of discovering keyboard problems and displaying the cause of the problem and solving it if possible.

Third solution: Uninstall keyboard driver

As you know, each piece of hardware in the computer has its own definition in the operating system to work efficiently and in full performance. This also applies to the keyboard, as there is a definition for it on the operating system that can be installed and uninstalled at any time. Of course, uninstalling the driver breaks the relationship of the keyboard to the operating system as if there is no keyboard connected, in fact, this principle can help to solve the problem of some buttons not working on the keyboard, the problem may be the result of a software malfunction in the definition or a change in its settings.

So, try to uninstall the driver by right-clicking on the Windows logo on the Start menu. From the list of shortcuts that will appear, click on Device Manager to bring up a tool like the one shown in the image above. Through this window, double-click on “Keyboard” and then right-click on the keyboard definition that appears in front of you, whether it is called “Standard PS/2 Keyboard” or any other name, and from the drop-down menu, click on Uninstall device and then click Uninstall to confirm. The keyboard should not work now, if it still works; This is evidence that you did not delete the correct definition, check for other definitions and delete them until you notice that the keyboard has completely broken. Then I restart the computer to have this driver automatically reinstall again, and then test the keyboard to make sure that the problem is resolved.

Fourth solution: Enter Safe Mode

Entering Safe Mode enables you to see if the buttons that do not work on the keyboard do not work in general, or when using specific programs only. If it does not work in certain programs, then there is no defect in the keyboard, but in the program you are using. And entering into safe mode precisely because this mode does not allow any third-party programs to run except for the system itself, so it will be a quick and more practical solution. After you activate Safe Mode [See: How to boot into Safe Mode] on your computer, launch Notepad and try typing anything to make sure all the buttons work, then try using another program like Word for more confirmation. If you find that all buttons work, exit safe mode and uninstall the program or programs that are causing the problem.

Enter Safe Mode

Fifth solution: Scan your computer for viruses and malware

This problem is often the result of infection of the computer and operating system with a virus or the installation of a malicious program, as it employs some processes in the background to make annoying changes to the user, including randomly disabling some buttons on the keyboard. So, download a powerful anti-malware program and then run the full scan and let it run until the scan is finished. If you see results with a virus or malware, remove it immediately and restart your computer. If the problem is due to this virus; All switches should now work without problems.

Sixth solution: Clean the keyboard buttons thoroughly

All previous solutions were Software, i.e. software solutions related to the operating system. But sometimes the problem of the keyboard malfunction is the result of a Hardware problem, that is, in the keyboard itself and has nothing to do with the operating system at all. The main reasons for this

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