Trace Mobile Number Location Find Unknown/Missed Callers

 Every person get lot of spam and unknown calls, its easy for every person to afford mobile but its hard to assist any stranger call , Low call rates are also responsible for increase in the number of strange calls .

trace mobile

There are only few services that helps you in detecting unknown calls but you will not get full details about any mobile number without any FIR in india ,there are some service which will provide you some information about callers , you can use those service to find details about callers

Trace Mobile Number in India

Trace Mobile help you in tracing location of any mobile number in Indian for free.You will get State and Operator information about that mobile number.You can also file complaint about any mobile number and also spam mobile numbers.

Report or Complaint Mobile Number

Best Caller also provide you with similar service but you can use this site Android app to get latest spam report about any mobile number and block calls .

You can also  read a list of phone codes of all mobile services provided by Wiki which helps you in tracking mobile numbers without any online service.

Note:- There is no service who can give you the exact location of any mobile number as it’s against TRAI policy, If you search for trace mobile number current location in google map, trace mobile number current location through satellite, trace mobile number current location with city trace mobile number current location online, then you will not get any relevant result if you want to get exact location o any mobile number by contacting your nearest phone number.

Stop Promotional Call/SMS in India

If you are getting a lot of spam calls and SMS from any company then you can register your mobile number in DND registry You can do this by sending SMS to 1909 with the following text:START DND or START 0

TRAI Divided calls/SMS into 8 Groups , which you can use to block separately,Send the following SMS to 1909


In place of <OPTION> you should write the number given to sectors like START 1 to block all banking related sms START 2 to block all  real estate related sms and so on

(1) Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards.

(2) Real Estate.

(3) Education.

(4) Health.

(5) Consumer goods and automobiles.

(6) Airtel Products & Services/Communication/Broadcasting/ Entertainment/IT.

(7) Tourism and Leisure.

(0) Fully Blocked.

For example, if you want to block calls/sms from education institute then  , send the  below sms to 1909:


You can combine many sectors in one request as below:

START 2,3,7

You can also call 1909 and follow the instructions given by the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Once registered, you can later on confirm if your number is correctly listed in the DND registry.

Track Or Trace Mobile Using Application

You can also Try GPS Phone Tracker Android App or iPhone App to Track your family member location This app is a paid app and helps you to discover your friends’ whereabouts at any time simply by checking the GPS Phone Tracking Pro map, Helps you in finding you’re lost phone location. it helps you to monitor your friend’s travel from one location to another via the app’s GPS maps.

You can also Try Caller Info App to Identify or Find the location of Indian incoming and outgoing Mobile calls.

You can also Use Truecaller app to track Location and Name of Mobile number, Truecaller also provide location information of city and state and share those details when anyone uses this app.

Trace Caller Info using Truecaller

You can also call any caller name and email using truecaller app, but it’s not necessary that all caller is registered in true caller app, Truecaller is very popular service used by millions of people and they have stored huge contacts details.

Whenever anyone download this app then trucaller store all contacts of users phone in their database, Truecaller app also work when you have little or no internet connection.

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