Facebook Ads Targeting Plan to Gain More Reach at Low Cost

 Facebook is now a very popular medium to advertise and target customer, if you know how to target ads in facebook then you can easily get a lot of sales at a very low cost, Today we will discuss with you how you can target people according to your product category.

Facebook set there ad price based on competition if any targeted keyword has a lot of advertisers then that ad price will automatically get high. so if you are looking for low biding or low ad cost then target those keywords which are less popular among advertisers.

How to Choose Right Keywords in Facebook

Just like AdWords facebook don’t have target keywords, but you can use smart tagging that will auto target your keywords related to a product.Best way to target a user in facebook is using facebook page, you can create page name according to your product keywords and then advertise your product using that page. It will help you getting targeted customer right in your pocket.

So next time when you advertise any product then create a page that is based on your product keyword and then boost your product using that page.

How to Gain Reach in Facebook Ads at Low Cost

If you want to Gain more reach at low cost in all your Facebook ads then create engaging ads that will bring more comments and more likes, more likes and comment you receive less price you will get, because engaging post is considered as user friendly and Facebook ads system help those ads to reach potential users at low cost.

If any of your ads get less reach and user is not responding and reacting on your ads then its better to remove those ads and try something else, if you continue with same ads then Facebook will charge a high price for that even when competition is low for that keyword.

Target FACEBOOK Ads using Different Option

Target Ads Based on Language, Behaviours, Interest, Demographics, Gender, Age Group, Occupation If you select all this section as per your product then you will get good results.

You can even Target those users whose birthday or anniversaries are near, You can target this using Life Event Sections.You can Target Facebook Page Admins using Behaviour section of Ads.

If you want to promote Apps using Facebook ads section then you can target Mobile Device based on OS like Android System, Windows System etc

Test your Content before Pushing for Facebook Ads

More friendly your ads are lower your cost is, you can test a demo of your content before creating ads on Facebook, you can approach any page to share your link and you can see how people are responding to your content.If you are getting a good response then you can go for promotion in facebook if you are not getting a good response then Facebook will charge you the high price because it’s not users friendly.

How to Gain More reach at Low Cost

To gain more reach you need to focus on content, the More engaging content result in wider reach at low cost, You only need to push your content using Facebook ads and rest users will do for you if it’s more engaging and related to user interest.

You can’t force any users to share your content by showing ads to them again and again if you do this then Facebook will charge you a high price for this, so if you want to reach the target such audience who will share your content.

How to increase organic reach on facebook

To promote your product or brand you need to create killer content that will automatically reach to all users, Take help of public groups,
Video content is most valuable content, if your video content is rich then it will auto go viral amazing users and you don’t need to spend any money to promote your product.

Why Facebook is Good option for Advertisement

The best thing about Facebook ads is that your ads get a chance to go viral whereas there is no such option in Google product like Youtube, Google search result etc, In facebook you get a chance to reach a good audience and at a very cheap cost when compared with Google AdWords.

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