parse error in E:\wamp\www\tutorials\error1.php

Parse error is one of the most error encountered by most programmers during the execution of the program. There are different and various kind of parse error that may appear during the execution of the program. But in this article we will site only and error that commonly committed by many programmers. This is also the reason why some programmers took a lot of time in developing systems and website due to the fact that they also encounter bugs during the execution in their programs in which they have to trace where the error came from. This article will help us to fully understand what is one of the causes why does this type of errors appear. Maybe some of you already heard or seen this type of error during execution Parse error: parse error in E:\wamp\www\tutorials\error1.php on line 10. This is an error that can be committed if you forgot to place an ending semicolon to the line number 10. It must also be remembered that in programming PHP the semicolon tags must be place after and every line statement. For us to fully understand where is this line number 10 that get an error and to fully identify what is the cause of the error below id the sample code. Identify where the line that commits this error is.
<html> <head> <title>Sample Error</title> </head> <body> <?php $fname = "John" $lname = "Doe"; echo $fname.' '.$lname; ?> </body> </html>

The error appear because we forgot to place and ending semicolon to the variable fname which has the value of John. That is the reason why does the error appear during the execution of the program.

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