HTML5 Basic Tags

 What is HTML 5? HTML5 or Hypertext Markup Language is generally for designing and lay outing different kinds of websites. HTML 5 is the new version or the fifth version of HTML. As of November 2011 HTML5 is still under development but it can now be use by programmers in developing their sites. HTML5 have more and many features than those previous versions of HTML. Also HTML5 can also be used to make a dynamic webpage or static webpage. There were some tags in previous HTML versions that are being omitted in HTML5. Using HTML5 you can embed or put media, video or audio on your site due to the fact that this latest version of HTML caters different functionalities and it has more features that those previous HTML versions. Below is the table of the sample tags of HTML5 tags.

HTML5 Basic Tags




This tags is used to defined all contents that are independent.


Used for aside content from the content where it is being placed.


Used to defined the footer of the documents, article or section. Footer can be in a form of copyright information, contact information or etc.


Used for document, article or section introduction.


Used to defined section, article or documents by the use of <h1> to <h6>, where in the <h1> tags is the main heading.


Used to define navigations. Navigations can be menu, items or etc.


This is used to break a word.


This is used to embed plug-in to the site.


This is used to define the source of the media.


This is used to embed or to include some video streams and movie clips on ones site.


This is used to embed multimedia or musics.

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