Download the Zoom program for online meetings

 Download the Zoom program for online meetings for the computer, and in view of the difficulty that the world is going through in recent times of the difficulty of communicating directly in order to achieve social distancing, it has become necessary to reduce direct meetings for most companies and many educational departments have stopped. Zoom is one of the best programs that help you make remote video meetings, which helps to facilitate communication between the teacher and students or the director of the company with employees. The program has a global reputation as it is used by millions of users around the world. In this article, the great features of the program

The Zoom program provides video calls to a large number of people, which amounts to about a thousand people, as well as for a large period of time up to an hour or a quarter, the program works on many different operating systems such as Windows and Android to work on computers, laptops and modern mobiles, which helped spread the program in All over the world, the program helps you to record lectures remotely and conduct meetings without the need to be in the meeting room, the zoom program is easy to use where you can conduct video chats by simply installing the program on the computer and entering the email and username.

The program is free and you can download and install it without the need for fees or money, you can send the meeting address to friends who did not attend the meeting from the first, ease of video calls at any time and from anywhere, the videos and audio files that are recorded in the program are characterized by high quality with clarity of sound And the purity of the image.

The program includes many built-in tools that allow many meeting participants to share their screens simultaneously in addition to writing comments to make the meeting more interactive, the program provides a great deal of security and preserving privacy through comprehensive encryption for all meetings and password protection in addition to the confidentiality of waiting rooms And by placing attendance on hold, you can record your meetings and send them to meeting members via the electronic cloud.


Zoom program features:

1. Conducting remote video meetings. The video includes a large number of people.

2. The duration of the video meetings provided by the program is large and supports many different operating systems.

3. Easy to use, simple and free. The program maintains privacy and you can encrypt meetings

4. You can record videos with high quality and the ability to send meetings via the cloud.

Information about the Zoom Cloud meeting software release

Software release: Zoom 5.5.0

Release date: January 2021


The official website of the program

Program size: 12.7 MB

Software license: free

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