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Do you want to download and run the WhatsApp program on the computer, now you can run the WhatsApp program on the computer through the official website of WhatsApp and run it on the computer without the need for simulation programs to run Android applications on the computer such as BlueStacks, WhatsApp is one of the programs that help you Communicate with your friends and family members by sending and receiving text and voice messages in an unlimited and free manner, as well as making voice calls and sending pictures, stickers and emoji, and you can also create work groups and communicate with many individuals and friends in One time, which is characterized by sending messages to all members of the group simultaneously.

WhatsApp For Computer

In order for the program to work on a computer, it requires linking the phone to the installed program through a scan of the QR code, as was previously explained in the topic of how to run the WhatsApp program on the computer and to continue logging in to the program from the mobile and the program will open a window containing all messages and private contacts You as it appears in the phone application, the WhatsApp computer program allows you to conduct text conversations and voice calls with high quality and complete control over the application through the keyboard and mouse and send text messages SMS without any costs, and you can also send and receive pictures, videos and Documents through the WhatsApp computer program.

The available versions of the WhatsApp program are from the official website of the program, and the program supports many languages, including the Arabic language, and works on all versions of Windows and is similar to WhatsApp Web, which is distinguished and does not need to install programs on the computer.


The WhatsApp program supports Arabic and English and is available in many other languages. The program also works on versions of Windows 10 - Windows Vista - Windows 7 - Windows8, and the program also works on any phone that supports Android or iPhone.

WhatsApp is characterized by the speed of sending pictures, videos and audios from one phone to another, thus you can see the messages immediately upon sending them, in addition to that when responding to messages they are sent, and when viewing the messages and their readers, a blue check mark appears indicating that the other party is watching For the message.

WhatsApp is a free program and is constantly updated so that the user can get the new features that will ease the use of the program and social communication, whether with your friends or family members, and you can search for your friends and send pictures, videos, audio and documents in any Time as soon as you register the phone number on the mobile.

Information about the version of WhatsApp For Computer

The program released: WhatsApp 0.3.9308.0

Release year: 2019

Developer: WhatsApp

The official website of the program

Program size: 124.6 MB

Software license: free of charge

Categories: Computer Software

Download the free WhatsApp program for the computer 32-bit version

Download the free WhatsApp program for the computer 64-bit version

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