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 Recuva program works to retrieve all files deleted due to viruses or was deleted by mistake, it is important for all computer users and indispensable, the program helps you recover all deleted files such as pictures, videos, audios, books, important papers for work or e-mail messages, whether the deletion is On the computer or smart phones of all kinds, iPhones, flash drives, digital camera memory, memory card or memory card, the program is characterized by high speed in retrieving files regardless of the size of files to be retrieved, the program is produced by the giant company Piriform, which is known worldwide in the production of protection and maintenance programs Computer is like CCleaner which is world-famous among computer users.


The importance of using Recuva to recover deleted files:

All computer users were suffering from losing important files forever in case they were deleted wrongly and the urgent need to retrieve these files and access their files that were deleted and retrieved in simple and easy steps, the program is easy to operate and suitable for all computer users, whether professional or novice, where you can specify the name of the deleted file Then press the Recover button so that the program will carefully examine the files you are looking for at a high speed and retrieve all the deleted files and data immediately, the program has a global reputation as millions of people around the world use it due to its importance for computer and smart mobile users, especially if important files and folders are deleted after the operation Formation or deletion by mistake or deletion through virus infection.


Among the most prominent features of Recuva:

1. Retrieving files in a professional way, which maintains the quality of the file being recovered properly and retrieves deleted files and folders, including the ability to retrieve all types of files and folders, including images, videos, audios, books and PDF pages.

2. Recover deleted files from all kinds of different devices such as computers, iPads, tablets and smart phones of all kinds from Samsung, Sony Xperia, Xiaomi, Huawei, and others.

3. Small size and work to retrieve files that have been deleted without consuming a lot of processor resources and does not cause lagging or slowing down the speed of the computer while the program is running.

4. Recover deleted emails, which is of great importance to computer users and ease of use. With one click of a button, you can recover all the files you want without losing quality or losing part of the deleted files.

5. The program is compatible with many devices such as computers, mobiles, tablets and iPhones. It also works on many different operating systems with high efficiency. A powerful scanner that can access all types of deleted files at high speed and recover them safely.

The program has a simple interface and includes all the necessary tools that facilitate the search for deleted files while displaying all the details about them such as the name, size and location of the file with the appearance of the color showing the percentage of its retrieval, Recuva is a powerful scanning tool for files that you do not want to get rid of them permanently and safely without leaving Any effect or roots for it, the program provides a preview feature for files and images before retrieval, which facilitates a lot of time and effort and facilitates the recovery process and increases the focus on the files you are looking for. Recuva supports many international languages ​​in addition to the Arabic language, which facilitates understanding and the way the program works For a wide range of computer users.

Information about the release of Recuva 2019

The program released: Recuva 1.53.1087

Release date: June 2016

Developer: Piriform

The official website of the program

Program size: 5.22 MB

Program language: Supports many languages

Operating requirements: All versions of Windows

Windows 10 - Windows Vista - Windows 7-8

Software License: Freeware

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Download Recuva to recover deleted files from computer for free from here

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