Download Movavi Photo Editor 6.7.1

 Movavi Photo Editor is one of the distinctive programs in editing and design images, you can get great results and create artistic paintings without any errors in pictures, a program suitable for all computer users, whether beginners or professionals in the field of image editing, very wonderful through the use of the program, the user interface is simple All intuitive tools for image correction and manipulation tools.

You can have fun using aspiration technology as picture in picture in just a few seconds in photo ready to be exchanged as photo studios. And converting them into more wonderful and joyful images, you can get rid of unwanted parts in pictures such as wrinkle lines, scratches, red eyes, and you can reduce image noise and add copies of colors to old black and white images to turn them into modern bright images.

Movavi Photo Editor

The program provides a lot of effects, which makes the pictures look good considering the quality of the images, you can remove all pictures in this option. Looks good looking good looking, you can get the best pictures so that they are flawless by highlighting the pictures so that they are not flawless, making the photo look like it looks realistic and balanced, write it on it. And put engineering signs and signs on them.

You can copy images in a single image with a distinctive format, you can save images in many different formats according to your use, and the program also opens and edits RAW files and automatically converts them to JPEG after uploading, the program provides all the basic editing tools such as cutting images to get rid of unwanted parts and resizing Pictures according to your use and rotation of photos, you can protect your photos by using watermarks on photos, you can take advantage of them to put watermarks on pictures.

Features of Movavi Photo Editor:

1- Editing and editing photos with male and female preference and suitability for all computer users and has international fame

2. Simple user interface and tools to improve images, color and contrast in an image.

3. Joe will be wet in a few seconds a few seconds.

4. Converting old photos into more wonderful pictures from parts of unwanted parts in pictures, such as red eyes.

5. Add colors from the effects and the old black and white a lot of effects.

6. Control the details of the images while removing all unwanted things and retouching the images by highlighting the best in your photos easily by smoothing the skin and whitening the teeth.

7. Entering comments on pictures and writing in one picture with a distinctive format.

8. Save images in many different formats, open and edit RAW files, and automatically convert them to JPEG.

9. Crop photos, resize photos, flip and rotate photos, and put watermarks on your private marine photos.

10. Provide a lot of frames that give an overview of the pictures.

Information about Movavi Photo Editor latest version

Software release: Movavi Photo Editor 6.7.1

Release year: December 2020

Developer: Movavi LTD

The official website of the program

Program size: 48.5 MB

Program language: Supports many languages

Operating requirements: All versions of Windows

0 Windows XP - Vista- 7- 8-1

Software License: Demo

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Download Movavi Photo Editor for the computer the latest version for free from here

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