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The Luminar program is one of the best photo editing and design programs and it includes a lot of tool that help convert your photos into a wonderful painting, the program relies on artificial intelligence techniques that make it superpowers for creative photo editing, the program works on many different operating systems, which helped spread the program in all Around the world, the program is multilingual and supports many international languages ​​such as French, German, English and others.

The program works on editing pictures and getting rid of the impurities in the pictures with ease, the program provides a lot of tools, effects and filters that make your photos appear in the best way, the program for liminar is easy to use and simple and does not require much time to learn and suitable for all computer users, millions of users prefer the program to Many photo editing programs due to the unique technologies it provides in addition to relying on artificial intelligence tools that create incredible masterpieces whether in travel, landscapes or other types of photography.

The company producing the program carries out continuous updates to it and regular maintenance, you can make a lot of adjustments to the images and the Luminar program provides a smart replacement tool AI Sky, which helps you replace the sky in the images according to your mood, you can insert a lot of pictures and words into your pictures with the ability to write Comments on photos The program provides the Sunrays tool, which works to add the source of the sun inside the images, where you can move the realistic sun rays in the images and watch them magically filter between the trees and other objects in your image.


You can improve image details by bringing extreme clarity to your photos by selectively improving the clarity of all small, medium and large details. The program provides a lot of important tools and effects that improve images such as adjusting brightness, colors, saturation, lightening and darkening images professionally, and you can also rotate images at angles. Different, you can get rid of errors in the pictures, such as removing red eyes and inconsistent faded lighting, and taking out the pictures professionally, free from defects. You can share your fun pictures that carry beautiful memories with your friends and family, the program works on many different computer operating systems.

Luminar features:

1. Modify and edit photos and turn them into a wonderful painting, using artificial intelligence techniques

2. Editing images and getting rid of image impurities with ease, easy to use and simple and does not require much time to learn.

3. It provides a lot of tools, effects and filters, and the presence of the AI ​​Sky replacement tool, which helps you replace the sky in pictures.

4. The ability to write comments on photos and Sunrays provides a tool to add the source of the sun within the images.

5. Selectively improve clarity of all small, medium and large details.

6. Adjust brightness, colors, saturation, and lighten and darken images professionally.

7. The possibility of rotating the images at different angles and getting rid of errors in the pictures.

8. The ability to share your fun photos with your friends and family.

Information about the Luminar program for the computer

The program release: Luminar

Release year: December 2020

Developer: Skylum

The official website of the program

Program size: 3.1 MB

Program language: Supports many languages

Operating requirements: All versions of Windows

Windows XP - Vista- 7- 8- 10

Software License: SHAREWARE

Categories: Computer Software, Computer Software 2020

Download the free Luminar photo editing program for your computer from here

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